Samantha Brown -

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner.

Kundalini Yoga Instructor. Karuna Reiki Master.

EFT Practitioner. Self Discovery Guide.

Have you ever wondered what stories your body has been wanting to share with you? Our cells record every happening in our lives, and often times stronger events can create energetic blocks in your physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual body. BodyTalk is a consciousness based holistic healing system that addresses the whole person. We understand that you are a dynamic being and that stress comes from many different areas of your life. By addressing the energetic imbalance, we give space for your body and mind to heal and function at its optimal best.

Jessie Weyrauch -

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor. Reiki Master.

Essential Oils + Aromatherapy.

Ecofriendly Lifestyle Expert.


 My passion is Vinyasa yoga and I can't wait to share it with you! I encourage you to ask yourself what is it that you need out of your private yoga session? Are you new to yoga and need someone to  assist you with the basics or are you wanting to fine-tune your personal practice?


From beginning poses to handstands and therapy work,  I am here to guide you through!

 Yoga is a multi layered practice… Not just asana (poses). I will bring in meditation, crystal and reiki energy work to give you your fullest experience.

Astara Kay -

Massage Therapist. Cupping.

Reiki Master.

Essential Oil + Aromatherapy.

Private Yoga Instructor.

Astara specializes in intuitive massage and structural rehabilitation. She focuses her mind and tunes into exactly what your body is asking for. This allows for faster and more lasting results. If you are ready to heal, grow and function more optimally, Astara will deliver. Her fine tuned senses gives her empowering insights into your own healing journey.

Casimira Valdez -

Classic Massage. Reiki Practitioner.

Casimira's unique style of healing allows your body to rest and peacefully flow back into its natural state of rest and healing. Receiving a massage from Casimira is like receiving a massage from Mother Nature. It will make you feel wrapped in warmth, understanding, and compassion.

Kamela Helsing -

Acupuncture. Herbal Medicine.

Kamela practices Classical Chinese Medicine which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, and cupping. This tradition draws from thousands of years of wisdom that was acquired and fine-tuned long before there was internet, cell phones, computer screens, air conditioners, blue lights, and other distractions that have taken us away from the innate understanding of our bodies and the natural rhythms of Earth.


This medicine comes from a time when people were tuned into their bodies, and when Qi (life force energy) was not just a theory, but an actual experience. During that time, Qi and Energy was commonly felt and a more easily cultivated sensation among the people.

Adrian Bailey -

Accunect. Private Vegan Cooking Classes.

Vegan Lifestyle Consultant.

Lifestyle Architect.


Adrian is a spiritual healer and guide who’s life purpose is to co-creator with his clients a life of health, abundance, higher states of consciousness and ultimately, their authentic self. His own spiritual path, which has lead him to India and back, has empowered him with spiritual initiations and experiential truths that serve to enrich the lives of those around him.


Using the energetic healing practice of Accunect and Conscious Lifestyle Architecture, Adrian takes his clients through a transformative journey that leads them to their highest self and authentic desires. “I only share what has been experientially true for me and has created tangible change in my life. That is why I approach everything from the perspective of the 4 Powers: Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility and Enriching. The 4 Tatvas, as they are known in Sanskrit, were shared with me by my Guru and are now the principles by which I live my life and serve to guide others.”

Daniela Walker -

Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy instructed by Dolores Cannon

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was created by Dolores Cannon. She spent more than 45 years working on and perfecting it.   All questions and answers lay within us, however we don't always have direct or conscious access to the information. Clients come to see me for different reasons.


Some seek emotional or physical healing, some are looking for their life's purpose while others are simply curious. I work with the Subconscious/Higher self to find the best solution or answer you are looking for. A session lasts 3-4hrs and a recording is given to the client at the end.

Derrick Hau - Chiropractor

Dr. Hau is currently traveling extensively and will not be currently seeing clients @ The Bija. 

The Bija Center

800 Franklin St

Vancouver, WA 98660